December 8, 2012

Getting to know each other

We are having a blast getting to know each other.  There is a lot of down time right now so we are just hanging out playing, reading books, watching sesame street videos on YouTube (Avery loves it), and sharing lots of hugs and cuddle time.  It is amazing to watch these two precious children come out of their shell and start to develop trust in us.  Avery is a very playful little girl.  She has such a cute personality and she even plays a little rough at times!!  She will be able to hold her own in our house!   LOL  Caden is slowly warming up and there has been such a change in his personality and energy level.  He is walking around, exploring things that interest him, smiling ALOT, and we are so thankful to God to see this frail little boy starting to eat and DRINK.  That was a challenge on the first day.  We are experimenting with more things every day and so far he has not protested.  He even gets excited to see his sippy cup of milk! 

We have met a few other families from the U.S. here in the hotel.  It is so much fun to meet their adoptive children and to share our stories.  We rode the subway into the Center today to do a little sight seeing with our new friend Jamie who is here adopting two little girls.  It was extremely cold so we were not able to do a lot of exploring but we plan to try again another day.  There may be some snow heading this way tomorrow so we may be stuck at the hotel for a couple of days.  It is nice to have other families here to share the time with!

Yes, I know I am rambling again and you really want to see more pics, so check out these cute faces and be ready to smile! 

We are so thankful that God provided the funding for Big Brother Seth to come along on this trip.
He has loved being along for this special journey.

Caden loves his milk.....we are so thankful.

All bundled up for a cold ride in the city.  Avery loved her big adventure today!

Thought you might enjoy this video of Avery playing with her big brother.
Thank you all for your prayers and support!  We can't wait to be home to share our new joy with you all!!


  1. We are so happy for you guys. Everything on the farm is going well. Can't wait to meet the little ones. Safe travels. Love candise, Dan and mackenzie

  2. They are so adorable! I'm so glad to see you all settling in so well. Are you giving Caden milk or formula? Getting prepared for our turn next month!

  3. Congratulations! We are so happy for you guys! So proud of Seth! Luke and Sarah Beth love the pics and we can't wait to meet them!

  4. Love, love, love! So thankful you're enjoying your time there with each other and that the kids are doing well. We love you and continue to pray :)