December 11, 2012

Almost ready to come home!!

All is well here in this beautiful country.  It has been snowing a lot since Sunday and we have enjoyed spending lots of quality time with our new little sweethearts!  We took them outside today to see the snow.  Of course, little Miss Avery couldn't wait to get her hands in it! 
The children are doing great and Caden has really started to eat and drink much better.  We marvel each day at how well they are doing.  Avery has started to seek out affection and she loves to be held and cuddled.  Caden is warming up more and more and seems to be trusting us more.  He is a very sweet, mellow little boy with an infectious laugh and a smile that melts your heart.  Avery is a spunky, fun loving little girl with big brown eyes and a sweet personality.  God has truly blessed us in this journey and we are overwhelmed with the joy that we feel in having these two precious children as part of our family.

There are 3 other families here with their new children.  It has been great spending time with them!  I love hearing their stories and seeing the special children that are now part of their families.  Though it breaks my heart to know that so many sweet little children are left to spend this holiday in an orphanage,  it is wonderful to know that these children have a family to be with on Christmas. 
Soon to be home!


  1. How exciting that you will have them home soon! I can't wait to have our two girls home.

  2. Can't Wait to see ya'll tomorrow!!! Kids have their posters ready!

  3. It was sooo good to get to know your family! Tha k you again for spending time with me and sacrificing your family time to spend time with me and my girls. I really appreciate your generous hearts and love for me while I was there by myself! You are a sweet family with sweet hearts! Our email is Keep in contact sweet friends!!