May 26, 2012

I-800 approved!!

We are so excited...we have our I-800 approval and have completed all our second stage paperwork and updated medicals!!  Now to get those apostilles and it will be off to Bulgaria......and then we wait.  You would think that we would be used to this waiting but it just doesn't get any easier.  We are praying that things move quickly and we can get back to pick up our babies before summer's end. 

We have also been blessed with more donations from our church family.  We are now half way to being fully funded for our second trip.  We truly believe that when you honor God, He will honor you.  It is our mission to honor him in all we do.  We feel so blessed to be given this wonderful opportunity....we get to be Avery and Caden's mommy and daddy....what a special blessing!!

Please continue to pray that our fundraising will be successful and that our process will move quickly.  Our sweet little girl desperately needs surgery for her cleft palate.  We are also concerned about the hip dislocation and each passing day is one more day with no medical care for these issues.  We know that God is watching over our sweet babies and that His timing is perfect. 

Thank you all for your support........what a blessing this journey has been and will be!!  The best is yet to come!!