August 21, 2012

Summer's End

This time of the year is always bitter sweet for me..I absolutely love summertime!!  And since I am a teacher, I especially love my time off each year.  I enjoy spending the days with my kids, swimming, playing outside, going to the park, and just hanging out.  And of course, there is always the long list of summer "projects" around the house....well, it is actually just a continuation from the previous year's list that gets longer and longer because many of the projects never even get started....Ugh!!  At least the list was started with good intentions.   :)

My children went back to school today and my school system starts on Monday so I have a week to finish up a few of those last minute "projects" and get myself ready for another school year.  I actually look forward to this time.  Even though I hate to see the summer end, I am glad to get back to a routine.  (And by this time of the summer, my kids are just DONE with each other!!  LOL)
It will be good for all of us to go back to the routine that makes us all, homework, sports, etc, etc.

The beginning of the school year has a special meaning this means that we are very close to the reopening of the courts.  This reopening means we can once again start the countdown to our long awaited GOTCHA Day!!  Too much time has passed and we are soooooo ready to bring our babies home.  We had so hoped to have them home with us for the summer, but we know that God's timing is perfect in every way...and so we trust!  We trust they are safe, we trust that they are well, and we trust that things will move quickly so that we can go and get them!!  We also pray daily for patience.  Waiting is so those of you who are in this process already know.  That is just part of this process. 

Our fundraising has been slow over the summer but we are still planning a few more things before our travel.  We are very close....we only need the money for our final trip.  Please pray with us as we press on in our efforts to raise this last bit of money.  In addition to our round-trip tickets, we need two one-way tickets this time to bring our babies home, so our cost for airfare will be more........but soooooo worth it.  I cannot wait to carry those little sweeties onto the airplane!!  It will be the moment for which we have waited a long 17 months!  I admit, I am growing weary of the process...especially the fundraising.  But I am keeping my eye on the goal and the mission that God has placed before us!  It will all be worth every minute of the wait, every piece of paper signed, sealed, and delivered, every tear shed, and every dollar raised when we finally get to bring our boy and girl HOME!!

We are so blessed!!