July 5, 2012

Court Closing Approaching

Like many other families waiting to get that ever so anticipated court date, we sit here with burning anxiety and fear that its just not going to happen right now.  We are keeping our faith that God's timing is always perfect, but the pain of knowing that with the closing of the courts for a summer recess, we may now be delayed another several weeks in bringing our babies home. 

My heart breaks when I look at their pictures.  I can still hear the sound of their sweet giggles and feel the beat of their heart as I held them close to me.  I lay awake at night worrying that they are in pain, or sick, or hungry, or scared, or lonely.  I am suppose to be their comfort....I am their mommy.  I don't question but I do hurt.  I am not angry but I am worried.  I admit, I have had a rush of many emotions lately.  I know their needs are great and I know they need me....I can feel it!  We cover them in prayer daily.  It breaks my heart to sit at the dinner table with our family and feel that someone is missing (make that 2 someones).  We all feel it.  The children repeatedly ask..."How much longer??"  That question burns in my head...How much longer??  And yet I know that God holds the answer in His hand.......I know that He is holding our sweet Avery and Caden in His hand.  So...until that sweet GOTCHA day, We will just keep pressing on and trusting in God's perfect will and timing. 


  1. Praying for your heart as you wait. We're waiting to hold our little must be so much harder after you've held them and loved them.