April 4, 2012

Day 3

Today was a warm day.  We played outside with the other children this morning.  During lunch, we went shopping in the Centre so that we could buy Avery some new shoes and a sand bucket with shovel.  This afternoon, we took her out to the sand pit and she played for over an hour in the sand.  She loved her new bucket and shovel.  I taught her how to use the shovel but she preferred to use her hands to pick up the is adorable to watch her fill the bucket with those tiny hands. 

We also made some friends with the stray animals that live around the orphanage.  Jeff and I bought dog and cat food and we fed the animals in the yard.  Avery loved being up close to them.  The animals have not gotten very close to us until today.  They seemed so grateful to have something to eat and to have just a little attention. 

It is amazing to think about how just a little attention and care made orphaned animals feel a little less lonely...even if just for a few minutes today in the orphanage yard.  My heart breaks to think what the orphaned children must feel.  To have no family to call their own....and their little hearts just crying out for the love, attention, and care that can only come from being in a family.  I watched the sweet ladies at the orphanage work hard to make sure all the children have their basic needs met and I know they care about the children.....but there are just so many.   So many children, so many needs, so many special needs.  There can just never be enough time for the touch, the affection, the nurturing that is so desperately needed. 

We must pray, we must advocate for these sweet innocent children who just need what we all need......the love of a family. 

Praise God that our sweet Avery will soon be home to know the love of a family. 

 Here are some of our new friends:

Little Miss Avery with her new shovel and sand bucket. 

Watching the doggy eat some food.

Still a little distracted by the doggy and kitty!

We are so thankful...........


  1. She is so cute :) I love that you and Jeff are feeding the strays...

  2. I am so happy for you. What a cutie she is. I love her smile.

  3. The animals are so skinny!! wow!
    Lina is precious! (((HUGS)))

  4. Oh what a sweet girl!! Looks like you are having fun! :)

    Thanks for joining the blog hop!! It's been a lot of fun finding new blogs to read and follow!!

    Emilie & Abigail's mama-to-be