April 12, 2012

Day 11- 4th day with Caden

I can't believe that it is already Thursday and we have only 1 more visit with our boy.  It has been a good week of visits and we have seen him warm up to us more and more each day.  It will be so hard to leave Bulgaria on Saturday and know that we are leaving our babies behind.  We rest in the peace of knowing that our Heavenly Father will be watching over them.

Chavdar has been great...he has made sure we had opportunities for sightseeing and tasting different Bulgarian foods.  We have enjoyed experiencing Bulgaria's beauty and culture.  It is evident, however, as we have driven through these Bulgarian towns and villages, that we take much for granted in our beautiful America.  How do we become so complacent?  How do we become so ungrateful?   We can never imagine how much we take for granted!  God has truly opened our eyes.  We must never cease to give thanks!

Forgive me for not posting yesterday.  My heart has been broken for our sweet boy.  I guess I have found it difficult to type through the tears what has been on my heart.  He is so thin and his muscles are weak, but he has the smile of an angel.  Many people have asked us WHY?  Why, at our age, have we decided to embark on this journey.  Well, now I can tell them....No, I can show them.   You see this sweet child,  one who against so many odds, has been quite a little survivor and he ask for nothing...not even a toy, but somehow, his eyes cry out for someone to just love him.  He has refused our gifts of toys...he just pushes them away, but when we hold him close and tight, he melts into us.  His body is so small and frail, but his determination is strong.  As I held him close today, I whispered to him...Mommy and Daddy are coming for you sweet boy...stay strong, it won't be long.
The smile of an angel!!


  1. So beautiful. I will be praying for your heart as you prepare to leave, and I'll pray for your little ones while they wait.

  2. He has so sweet! Praying for you all!

  3. Soon he will know nothing but love. He will never be hungry again.

  4. Wendy, (Mary Stolz here, adopted Martin from Blagoevgrad) you will be so thrilled to watch as Caden warms more and more to you when you get him home, and he grows with the love and nutrition you will supply him. I pray for the fast processing of your approvals and that you can get him out of there FAST.