March 7, 2012

Sorry It Has Been So Long

I feel terrible that I have not updated my blog.  So many of you have emailed me to find out what is happening in our adoption process....I appreciate everyone's concern and prayers.  We are in a difficult stage right now......the waiting stage.  We know that our paperwork has been submitted and we were hoping that we would receive a written referral last week, but that has not yet happened.  We are still waiting for that one last piece so that we can be given a travel date.  I know that this is all in God's timing.  We have felt so discouraged at times but we just continue to pray for patience and emotional strength as we continue the waiting game. 

Jeff and I focused our time over the last month on helping a missionary in our church with a fundraiser called an "Evening of  Elegance."  This was an event to raise money for a deaf school in Mexico.  We felt so blessed to be part of this and to connect with so many wonderful people.  Tom and Debbie are the missionaries who started the school and we have been so blessed by their testimony and friendship.  This was a great distraction for us during this difficult time of waiting to go visit our babies.  It is amazing the attachment we have and the love we feel for these little children that we haven't even met yet.  We are so thankful that God has given us such a blessed opportunity to be the family for these precious children.

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